How to Participate in Experiments

We are often looking for subjects to participate in a variety of studies in the lab. If you are an RPI student enrolled in particular classes, your professor may choose to grant extra credit for your participation. Some of our longer term studies also offer pay.

SONA System

Study signups are done through the SONA system. In order to participate in studies, you must create an account.

Create an Account

If you are using SONA for the first time, you will need to create an account by selecting “Request Account” on the homepage.

Fill in your personal information. You must have a valid RPI email address and RIN number. The phone number is optional.

If you are currently enrolled in one of the listed courses, select that course from the list. These are courses that accept study participation as extra credit. If you are not enrolled in one of the courses but want to participate anyway, list your course as “CogWorks Volunteer”.

If you enroll as a volunteer, you may not receive credit for participation in credit-rewarded studies. You will receive payment as compensation for paid studies.

Experiment Signups

Once you have created an account, you will be directed to your study participation homepage. To sign up for an experiment, select “View Available Studies”.

This page will display all currently available experiments that you are eligible for, both from the CogWorks Lab, as well as other RPI Labs.

To sign up for a study, select “Timeslots Available”. This will take you to a summary page providing further details about the study.

Select “View Time Slots for This Study” to view a list of the specific times that the experiment is being run. If the study is an online study, you will be able to sign up and participate at any point during the semester. For in-lab studies, timeslots are posted based on experimenter availability.

If there is a timeslot that works for you, select “Sign Up”. If none of the posted slots work for with your schedule, check back later. New timeslots are posted frequently.

You will be asked to confirm your signup. If you are signing up for an in-lab session, please double check the date and time and put it on your calendar.

If your signup was successful, you will receive a confirmation message. If the study is an online study, you will be prompted to complete it as soon as possible. If you let a long period of time pass between signing up and completing the study, your signup may be cancelled and you will need to sign up again.

If you have signed up for an in-lab study, you will get a reminder email prior to your session.

Current CogWorks Studies

The CogWorks Lab is currently running a sequence of studies open to participants.

Gaming History Questionnaire

Online Survey Study, open to any participants, 1-credit for eligible classes

Population Study

In-Lab Study, 1 Session, participants must have completed the Gaming History Questionnaire, 1-credit for eligible classes

No Next Box

In-Lab Study, 1 Session, participants must have completed the Population Study, 1-credit for eligible classes